Key to the fountain of youth

Key to the fountain of youth

As an ideal natural moisturizing factor, gathers water-absorbing ingredients and makes subcutaneous tissue more elastic. Molecular weight is roughly divided into three types: macromolecules, medium molecules, and small molecules.

1. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid Macromolecular hyaluronic acid has the hardest texture and the longest duration. It is the most suitable for facial contouring and can shape sharp edges.

2. Medium Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Medium Molecular Hyaluronic Acid has a slightly softer texture and is most suitable for soft tissue filling and deep wrinkle removal.

3. Small molecule hyaluronic acid Small molecule hyaluronic acid is suitable for dermal injection. Due to its extremely small molecular weight, it has excellent skin penetration and cell penetration. Small hyaluronic acid molecules can increase skin elasticity, increase moisture, reduce wrinkles, and make skin delicate and smooth.

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