About Us

On June 24, 2018, Dr. Zhang was testing samples in the laboratory. She noticed her subordinate, who is a young girl with poor skin and extremely bad mood. As soon as she asked the reason, she found out that it was due to her busy work, and she sacrificed time for skin care in order to have more sleep time. Over time, the condition of the skin has deteriorated. Dr. Zhang firmly believe, such a young face shouldn't be so many skin problems. Then she began to cooperate with the Institute of Bioengineering of Guangzhou University to develop healthy and effective skin care products, and CUTEGO was born in August of the same year. 


Everything is only to create scientific and efficient skin care products.
Attaches great importance to scientific research, is committed to providing healthy and effective skin solutions for every woman, and respects the first step for cleansing, the second step for repair, and the third step for nourishment.
A three-pronged approach to make every woman who uses our products a skin beauty.