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Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor (aFGF)

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aFGF (acidic fibroblast growth factor) is a versatile and powerful cytokine, consisting of 141 amino acids and an active peptide with a molecular weight of 15.3KD. It plays an important role in promoting the metabolism of fibroblasts and the formation of collagen.
Biological function and mechanism
Mechanism: aFGF can actively combine with specific receptors on the cell membrane near the wound, thereby promoting cell division and proliferation, repairing wounds quickly and efficiently, such as thin skin after skin rejuvenation, rapid flushing fades, and rapid healing of wounds after removing acne.Remove spot and moles, remove wrinkles, wash eyebrows, plastic surgery wound healing.
2.Anti-wrinkle effect
Mechanism: Through the three ways of skin renewal, maintaining skin elasticity, and supplementing skin nutrition, it can prevent and eliminate wrinkles.
3.Anti-spot effect
Mechanism: aFGF replaces the original cells by promoting the formation of new cells to reduce the content of melanin and colored cells in the skin. In addition, by improving microcirculation to accelerate the metabolism of pigments, it is so as to achieve the effect of lightening pigments and rosy skin.
4.Sun protection
Mechanism: aFGF is applied to the skin surface, which can reduce the damage of harmful ultraviolet bands to skin cells.


It is recommended to be added to freeze-dried powder, essence, lotion or cream together with 0.1-0.3% HA (hyaluronic acid) and 0.1-0.5% vitamin E, which can have a stable effect. 2-3mg/kg of EGF can be compounded in the formula to enhance the anti-aging effect. For the improvement of stretch marks in medical beauty, it is recommended to compound AFGF 3mg/kg, BFGF 6mg/kg, blue copper peptide 5g/kg, and recombinant collagen 15mg/kg can gradually improve stretch marks. For true wrinkles, the recommended combination are aFGF 3mg/kg, bFGF 3mg/kg, blue copper peptide 3-5g/kg, and recombinant collagen 5-15mg/kg.


aFGF is added in the last step of preparing of essence , lotion and cream. It is recommended to add in the temperature below 30-35 degrees.  It is recommended that the temperature should not be higher than 16 degrees when preparing the ingredients of freeze-dried powder.