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Ferment Moist Care Toner

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The core ingredients is exclusive patented quadruple fermented essence, French black tulip DuMAFloRiNE®, and white myrtle extract. These ingredients work together to improve sensitive skin, repair damaged barriers, balance water and oil, and make skin moist and supple. 

The "Black and white rare power" of this series comes from the pure Shirakami Mountains in Japan. This World Natural Heritage site is a virgin beech forest area that has not been destroyed by humans, and is home to natural yeast that can effectively infiltrate and replenish water in microbial fermentation. Additionally, the French Patent Rare "Queen of the Night" black tulip DuMAFloRiNE® is rich in specific flavonoids with antioxidant capacity, making it an excellent ingredient for preventing photoaging and making skin more elastic.

CHEERFL SKIN Ferment Moist Care Toner 110ml is a bottlefull of fermented essence that contains 92.4% quadruple fermented essence with small molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin for high moisturization. It also contains 4% Bai Wei extract for quick soothing and repair, and 0.1% DuMAFloRiNE® to prevent photoaging and improve skin elasticity.