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Freeze-dried Powder for Clearing Acne

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Breakthrough Formula: Our Freeze-dried Powder for Clearing Acne is a game-changer, designed to restore your skin's natural flawless beauty and combat acne effectively.

Innovative Ingredient: Turbocharge epidermal regeneration with peptide ingredient, specifically targeting acne-prone skin and rebuilding the damaged barrier for a healthy complexion.

Powerful Plant Extracts: Experience the potent properties of plant extracts, including royal jelly extract, glycine soja protein, pear juice fermented essence, salix alba bark extract, barberry bark extract, to stabilize acne-prone skin and control breakouts effectively.

Dynamic Hydration: Our formula is enriched with our patented fermentation derived from Lactobacillus and rice, replenishing moisture levels and regulating excess oil production for perfectly balanced, healthy skin.

Unleash Your Confidence: Transform your skin with our Freeze-dried Powder for Clearing Acne and unveil the beauty you deserve. Regain your confidence with flawless, radiant skin.

How to use
1. Remove aluminum cover form both bottles then remove the rubber cap.
2. Pour solution into freeze-dried powder, cover the trumpet dropper on the bottle and shake until fully dissolved.
3. Squeeze the trumpet dropper for appropriate amount liquid.
4. Massage the face until essence was absorbed.
5. Use morning and night after cleansing, one pair per day.Can be used with microneedles.

It is recommended not to use with alco-hol product, which will destroy the activity of freeze-dried powder.
In order to keep the product fresh, it is recommended to store at a low temperature or refrigerate (2-8 °C) after blending the freeze-dried powder, and use it up within 2 days.