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Keratinocyte Growth Factor(KGF)

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KGF(Keratinocyte Growth Factor) is produced by mesenchymal-derived cells and consists of 208 amino acid active polypeptides. It specifically acts on epithelial cells through the paracrine pathway but has no effect on fibroblasts and endothelial cells. It is is to promote the proliferation and development of epidermal cells.
Biological function and mechanism
1.Prevent the formation of skin red blood. KGF- promotes the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, repairs the stratum corneum of the skin, and effectively prevents the formation of red blood.
2.Repair cuticle function. It can greatly increase the proliferation of corneal cells and the migration of corneal cells, activate the mitogen protein kinase, and increase the activity of plasminogen activator, and accelerate the repair of damaged parts.
3.Maintain the normal shape of hair follicles and prevent thick hair follicles. Loss of KGF or loss of KGF receptors will lead to severe atrophy of the skin, abnormal hair follicle morphology, thickening of the dermis, and replacement of normal adipose tissue with uncovered tissue.


Add to the freeze-dried powder, essence or lotion, cream of cosmetics,have the effect of repairing sensitive skin and thickening keratin.


It should be added in the last step of the essence or lotion and cream process, temperature of addition be lower than 30-35 degrees. It is recommended that the temperature of ingredients in freeze-dried powder should be lower than 16 degrees.